Citizen Charter

The SDM (South) office  deals with  registration of new motor vehicles, issuance of different types of certificates, approval of title for starting newspapers/ magazines/ journals etc and after approval declaration thereof under the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1967. The office also deals with Court Cases under preventive sections of Cr.PC, eviction cases under P.P Act, revenue cases viz contested mutations and cases under P.V.C.L.A, 1961. In addition to this, sound permissions under the Punjab Instruments (Control of Noises Act 1956) and permission for holding function upto 500 gathering is granted by the office.

The Department is immensely pleased in presenting the CITIZEN'S CHARTER to the people with an objective of bringing in transparency and efficient service delivery in a time bound manner.
This CITIZEN'S CHARTER deals with the following major Services with largest public interface.

1. Certificates
2. New Vehicle Registration
3. Permissions
4. Miscellaneous

The CITIZEN'S CHARTER is an ever evolving process. It will be revised periodically on the basis of the experiences gained, feed back and suggestions received from the citizens.

The Department assures the best service delivery system to the citizens with commitment and dedication. The citizens have every right to demand the Services of the standards prescribed and commitments made in the CHARTER.

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